Sep. 19th, 2009

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Dear kitten: This is MY keyboard. I type words on it. I know that you find it to be a nice, warm place for you to take a nap. I have a keyboard blocker so that you can do that, when I'm NOT using it. However, I am using it now. MINE.
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I am trying to watch the streaming Rosh Hashanah service from Beth Adam's online humanistic Jewish congregation on the netbook, but the pets keep interrupting. The dogs are barking so loudly as I type this that I can't hear what Rabbi Laura is saying. (When she isn't knocking things off the table, McKenzie the kitten likes to sit on the netbook keyboard, blocking the screen.) So I'm not giving the streaming service my full attention. Do I ever give my full attention to anything these days?

I am going to spend much of this time (the Days of Awe from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur) reading and studying again about Judaism, from my extensive collection of books and from the 'net. However, I am still drawn to the teachings and the charismatic figure of Jesus / Yeshua, and I'm not ready to give up including him as a guide upon whatever spiritual path I walk.

I don't fully accept the argument best illustrated by the C.S. Lewis "trilemma" that Jesus claimed to be God and was therefore either fully God in human form, or else evil or mad. Jesus taught in parables, and often challenged his audience with extreme rhetoric, and many did not understand his words. Perhaps some of the sayings which have been recorded as claims to be the only path to God the Father or to be the same being as God the Father were significantly misinterpreted. Perhaps there is still both good and rational guidance to be found in contemplating his teachings in the context of the Judaism within which he taught.


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