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Did you ever get the feeling that the reality we're living in right now is an alternate universe created by someone's wishes? Let's look at just the fannish wishes we might have made, and which might have sounded totally impossible, if things had happened differently.

A world in which ....

Christian Slater and Robert Downey, Jr., are alive and well and starring in new projects;

A recast "Star Trek" movie was a huge success, after multiple theatrical movies and four spinoffs, one of which starred Kate Mulgrew of "Ryan's Hope" as a starship captain;

"Smallville" is in its ninth season;

Madonna did get to play "Evita" in the movie version, and there are musical versions of "Wicked" and "Legally Blonde," and a stage adaptation of "Xanadu";

Joss Whedon wrote an "X-Men" title, and the "X-Men" comics have become a successful movie franchise (although the Dark Phoenix storyline had to be changed to allow one of the stars to defect to "Superman Returns");

After a successful "Battlestar Galactica" remake, there is now a major-network remake of "V" .....

I could go on and on about the fannish improbabilities which have happened.

What improbable realities sometimes make YOU feel as if THIS is an alternate reality?
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I thought I'd toss this idea on the table and see if anyone picks it up, at either DW or LJ. :-)

One of the complaints I'm hearing about a particular relationship in a particular new movie (you all know what I'm talking about, my friends) basically boils down to this: when two characters are introduced, one male and one female, and halfway through the movie it is revealed that the two characters are in a relationship, this immediately diminishes the importance of the female character and relegates her to "just a girlfriend," while the importance of the male character is not diminished.

To me this seems to go back to a premise I thought we'd left behind, that relationships between men and women are inherently inequal and will always remain so, pretty much as long as gender exists. When a woman and man are in a relationship, the woman ceases to matter as a human being and is defined only by the man; the man will always take more than he gives, and will be built up by the relationship; the woman will always give more than she takes, and will be diminished by it.

Am I wrong in reading this kind of message into the dismayed wails of "oh, she's just the girlfriend in this picture"?


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