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Logan insisted on waking me up at 7 AM, so maybe I should be going to church this morning. I do have quite a bit of work to do today, but I can go to church in the morning while the other humans in the household are still sleeping and still get the other work done this afternoon.

I think I heard a message for me yesterday, when I stopped by Northway Church in Clifton Park on my way home from visiting my mother. The stage of my life in which church has been a spectator sport for me needs to end. As much as I enjoy Northway Church, it's just too far away for me to be anything other than a viewer and consumer of church-as-entertainment. I can't really get involved and participate at a church an hour's drive away. If I'm going to do church at all, I need to get back to one of the churches here in my own local community, where I have at least some ongoing real-life involvement with people.

I promised myself not to return to St. John's Episcopal Church until at least September, when I have satisfied an obligation to someone there, but there is still the option of Church of Christ in Gloversville as well as the option of going back to Fulmont. Both those services are at 10 AM.

Hmmm, decisions, decisions. Now where did I put the one bible (out of the dozens I own) that I'm particularly looking for this morning?


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