May. 18th, 2009

catecumen: (weird and lacking in interpersonal skill)
A conversation I had with my husband last night brought this issue to mind, and I wonder if anyone else has experienced it. Do you ever find that different people have different perceived values attached to the function of a particular room of the house, and that misunderstandings can occur when they see its function differently?

I'm very anti-kitchen myself, probably because I grew up during the early strident, bra-burning days of feminism (60s/early 70s) and I learned to see the kitchen as a place of drudgery and confinement to domestic roles for women. To me, it's a place where one should spend as little time as possible, just whatever minimum is necessary to prepare meals, eat, wash dishes and clean up. I don't see it as a relaxing place to hang out, talk, linger and socialize with family.

On the few occasions when I bring a book in there to read, it's mostly to make sure that I stay away from the computer for awhile and don't get distracted until the book is done.

Of course, the situation is complicated by the fact that I'm a loner anyway, despite having somehow managed to stay married for almost twenty-one years (which is more due to my husband's patient endurance than to anything good I've done), and my natural preference in pretty much any environment is being solitary and observing rather than interacting with anyone. But that probably should be another post altogether.


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