Jul. 15th, 2009

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Playing with a kitten really is like a form of prayer - not worshipping the kitten, but experiencing the awe of such a beautiful and perfect creation, and being grateful for the divine creative force which brought such perfection into being, a force which I choose to call God.

On a more mundane level, I'm working on cleaning the kitten's ears (ear mites!) and re-discovering the obvious fact of how differently puppies and kittens play, and why they should have different toys. (A kitten will bat a ball around the floor with its paw; a dog will immediately bite into the ball.)

I'm thinking of "McKenzie" as a possible permanent name for this kitten. "Alley-Oop" or "Alley-Oops" is really just a temporary placeholder name until we think of something better. I'll need to settle on at least a working name for tomorrow when I set up the kitten's Banfield account.

(This should now be cross-posting to "catecumen" at LJ, formerly "wandering_cat")
catecumen: Ellen custom made by dhampir (cat-mask)
Jess and I spent some time trying to get the dogs to accept the new kitten today, with moderate success. (As I write this, Logan is barking in the direction of the front room again.) I guess it will take some patience, and I'm not so good at that lately, but I'll work on it.

I will bring the kitten to Banfield tomorrow morning to set up an account, and I'm hoping to have a more permanent name than "Alley-Oops" by morning. McKenzie, playing off the "mackerel" tabby with the "M" on the forehead? Izzie? Something altogether different?


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