Jun. 15th, 2009

catecumen: (white fairy)
I have just learned that the Celtic cross, which is one of my favorite symbols, has been used as a white-supremacist symbol. I'll make sure not to bring anything with that symbol on my trip to Georgia.

We're starting to pack. The snowbrushes are out of the car, the dog crates are in, and I'm trying to decide what should go in the suitcase, what should go in the "hotel bag," what should go in the "dog bag," and what should go in the bag I'll carry with me in the passenger compartment on the trip.

Arrangements have been made with Ken's home health care service to have someone stop by every day during the week while I'm away to check on him, and to make sure that he gets whatever he needs. We shopped for a bunch of prepared dinners tonight and I'm leaving little canvas bags all around the house to assist him in carrying things from one room to another in the absence of his fetch-it person.

I have even built up a nice artificial tan to prepare my skin for that Georgia sun!
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I'm sad to see Sacred Heart in Gloversville being closed. That was the church I attended in the 1990s when I was trying to be received into the Roman Catholic Church. (I am ineligible because I'm married to someone who was previously divorced before marrying me - and getting a Roman Catholic church annulment of a marriage between two Jews, my husband and his ex-wife, isn't a very practical possibility.)

It is a beautiful church, and it was one of only two churches where I have ever really felt comfortable and at home. The other, of course, was Fulmont, and that didn't work out either. I enjoy Northway, but it has always been too far away for me to become an active member of that church community.

I guess I'll probably always be a wanderer without a church home, and maybe that's just part of who I'm supposed to be, as CatEcumen the Ecumenical Cat.


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