May. 20th, 2009

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I was awake listening to a bird's running commentary about the morning at around 5:30 AM (although I didn't actually get out of bed until a little later), but that's a good thing. I'm feeling optimistic, ambitious and energetic about today's trial. I'll be going back to outlining my opening statement in a few minutes. I can still do this.

Coffee brewed, with a glass of coffee brought up to Ken as well - check.
Laundry taken out of the dryer - check. (I am not going to put it all away this morning; I made enough noise in the bedroom already this morning, getting dressed and picking out a necklace to wear, to wake up Ken six times over.)
Cat litter taken upstairs in preparation for a timely litter box change this week, even though I missed it last week - check.
Logan learning to walk upstairs each night on a leash right next to me, instead of madly running upstairs to check out the litter box and chase the cats - check.
Logan taking walks with me on a loose leash and staying right next to me, without barking - good progress being made.
Logan learning not to freak out and bark himself into hysteria every time someone shows up at the door - definitely in progress, with help from Jess, improvements underway.
Telling that whole "it's useless to try, you'll never change, why bother?" attitude to begone - definitely in progress.

This was already too many words. I need to get away from talking about the changes I'm making, and get back to making them.
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The Family Court trial I was preparing for today was adjourned again, and I have more research to do, but - maybe it's an adrenaline letdown - I feel just as tired as if I had actually tried the case all morning. I did sleep last night, but I kept half-waking-up thinking about my opening statement. Maybe I'll take a nap before I do my research.

Logan is doing much better in his behavior, not perfect yet, but significantly better.


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